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Primary in the philosophy Room to Grow is the belief that we are one with and connected to our environment, physically and spiritually. How we regard the land is how we regard ourselves and each other. Regarding the land as a living organism allows us to interact with it as a living being, equal to ourselves. As the land thrives, so we thrive. To maintain and enhance the health and well being of our soils brings those same benefits to our souls.

Every product sold or promoted by Room to Grow will reflect this philosophy. We will never sacrifice the health of the land to the potential of wealth from a single crop cycle. For example, our Bio360 biodegradable mulch film is made from organically grown thistle, which at the end of the growing season returns to the soil as CO2, O2 and bio-nutrients. Plastic mulch by comparison must be removed from the field and deposited in the landfill, where it will remain for decades, if not centuries. 

However, there are situations where plastic use is the best possible, available solution. For instance, the use of plastic dripline tubing conserves valuable water resources considerably over conventional irrigation methods, thus there is a balance in its implementation. Still we endeavor to find biologically preferable materials and will incorporate them whenever possible and available.

After 1 Week
After 6 Months

Room to Grow partners with leading agricultural supply companies to help develop the best possible solutions for your growing needs and conditions.


Dubois Agrinovation’s irrigation department supports you through the different steps involved in the creation of a tailor made irrigation solution that is adapted to your specific needs. Whether it is in terms of design, project planning or irrigation advice, we make sure that you get exactly what you need for optimal management and productivity.


To ensure that we remain an industry leader and in order to meet the demands of several farms and institutions; we have a research and development team that works on various tests and techniques of our parts and materials to be sure to offer quality products before marketing, thus keeping us on the forefront in the fields of irrigation and plasticulture.

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