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Our Products

We are Southern Oregon's primary distributor of biodegradable and compostable mulch films made by Bio360. Our 100% biodegradable mulch film decomposes in all types of soil without leaving any toxic residues.

Made of organic thistle-based raw material, Bio360 saves you on removal/recycling/land fill costs and is certified for the organic farm.


Our Solutions

Primary in the philosophy Room to Grow, is the belief that we are one with- and connected to- our environment; physically and spiritually. 

Regarding the land as a living organism allows us to interact with it as a living being, equal to ourselves. We pride ourselves in the conscious assessment of the individual farm and the goals of those running it to maximize yield AND to preserve or enrich the ecological environment therein.

About Room to Grow

Room to Grow LLC is a business enterprise focused on developing outdoor, sun-grown and greenhouse environments suited for medicinal plants.

David Pierce founded Room to Grow based on his passion for plants as medicine and his philosophy that people should and could have the ability to grow their own medicinal plants, in their own backyards, or with others in rural or urban environments.​


Growing Solutions"

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